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The New Standard
in Forex & Crypto

Join ADFX to Get a 360-Degree Solution Program for Your Trading Portfolio

Kick Start & Boost
your Trading Career to Higher Levels

In an Industry where over 80% traders Lose money, it is vital and exceedingly important to identify and learn the importance of knowledge driven opportunities to avoid basic and unnecessary mistakes which unsuccessful traders make.

Automated Cloud Based Trading

Eliminate Emotions and Grow your Portfolio Automatically using our Top Performing Proprietary Expert Advisors managing your Forex Account 24/5

Learn & Earn - Coaching Programs

Personal Training 1 : 1 with Adil Malik for those who want to achieve maximum results in the most efficient way possible.

Crypto & Forex Consulting

  • Which Currency Pairs to Trade? Crypto's to Buy, Trade or HODL ?

  • Which Time Frames are Good to Trade?

  • What are the Best Indicators?

  • When to Buy Bitcoin?

  • What are the Top AltCoins?

  • How to Enter and Exit Trades for Maximum Profits?

ADFX Membership

  • Lifetime Proprietary Trading Indicator/ EA Licenses

  • Copy Adil Malik's Forex Trades & Crypto Picks

  • Access to Latest Forex & Crypto Trading Strategies

  • Join iProfit FX & Crypto Power Project 2022

  • Updated Expert Opinions

  • Annual Meetings & VIP Dinners

Unprecedented Results. Impeccable Reliability.
Robust Performance.

The Success of An Aspiring Trader is a Holistic Approach that Must be taken towards Trading.


This approach incorporates money management, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, specialization in entry and exits without emotions.

"As a Seasoned Forex Trader & Coach,  I’ve advised clients on their investment and trading decisions. Both my certifications and years of experience have helped me understand that every client has unique goals, allowing me to advise and adjust their strategies accordingly. 


Our philosophy: Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for the rest of his life.


Let us grow and achieve financial success together."


Adil Malik


Certified FX Trader MBS UK

Crypto Enthusiast 

Award Winner 

Forex Coach



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Countries World Wide


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Trading Career ?

Take Control of Your Trading Future by Learning & Using Proper Tools to Identify and take Pre-Informed Decisions in order to Avoid Bad Surprises and Huge Losses in Forex & Crypto Trading Industry. Contact ADFX Support Department Today to get a Free Evaluation of your Portfolio.

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